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CASA Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my time will it take to be a CASA?

Our CASAs report an average of 10-15 hours per month to fulfill their CASA duties. During certain periods of a case (i.e. - just prior to a court hearing) CASAs tend to put in more hours than during periods of monitoring the case.

What if I travel, go on vacation or have a conflict and cannot attend an important meeting or hearing?

Many of our CASAs travel frequently and are still able to manage a CASA case. You will usually have ample notice of court hearings and, although you have the most knowledge to share with the court, you can arrange for another CASA or staff to attend in your place if necessary.

Can I be a CASA if I have a full time job?

We have a number of CASAs who work full time in addition to their volunteer work. Many employers are able to provide flexibility to accommodate for court hearings and special meetings, and many appointments can be made in the evenings and on weekends. Check with your employer to determine if this is feasible.

Can I buy gifts or provide financial support for the child or family?

The CASA's role is to ensure that the necessary services are provided for the child and family, not to provide the service. Should there be a need that is not being met, we will assist you in an effort to locate the appropriate service. While it's okay to provide inexpensive gifts for a child's birthday or special occasion, this should be the exception rather than the norm.

Can I take the child to special events or invite the child or family to my home?

A CASA may never bring a child into their home or drive a child or their family anywhere. This is outside the CASA role and a violation of the Volunteer Policies and Guidelines.

Will I have help with my case? Who do I ask if I have questions?

When you are sworn in you will be assigned to a CASA Supervisor, who will work with you and provide case support. You will be required to speak with your supervisor at least once a month regarding your case, and your supervisor will be available to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

What if I have an emergency or question and the CASA office is closed?

When you are sworn in, you will be provided with the home phone numbers of all the CASA staff. Should a situation arise that needs to be immediately addressed and it is outside of office hours, you will be able to reach your supervisor or other staff if necessary.
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